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Nicola Glynn

Social Media & Marketing Manager

UK and Ireland

Nicola is a highly skilled professional with a diverse background in both healthcare and marketing. With a foundation as a mental health nurse, Nicola has extensive experience managing complex caseloads in high-pressure environments, demonstrating exceptional organisational and interpersonal skills. This unique experience has equipped Nicola with the ability to handle stress, prioritise effectively, and maintain a calm demeanor under challenging circumstances.

In her role as a mental health nurse, Nicola was responsible for assessing patient needs, developing individualised care plans, and providing therapeutic interventions. She worked collaboratively with multidisciplinary teams to ensure comprehensive care, demonstrating a strong commitment to patient advocacy and mental health awareness.

Transitioning into the field of social media and marketing, Nicola has successfully applied her clinical insights and empathetic communication style to engage diverse audiences and drive brand growth. Currently, she manages the social media and marketing strategies for Regent Fire Consultants, where she oversees content creation, campaign development, and analytics. Nicola’s ability to understand and connect with people on a deep level has been instrumental in crafting compelling narratives and building a loyal online community and company brand.

With a proven track record of success in both healthcare and marketing, Nicola brings a unique blend of analytical and creative skills, making her an invaluable asset to the organisation. Nicola will continually strive to improve the messaging and branding using her background in mental health to foster a positive and inclusive digital presence for Regent Fire Consultants.