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Regent Fire Consultants, UK & Ireland


Experts are sometimes called upon to give opinion on a variety of criminal and civil matters. We can provide fire experts with significant skills and experience to assist with arbitration and litigation.


Compliance with and application of fire safety legislation

Fire risk assessment

Fire protection systems including passive and active systems

Fire safety management

Investigation of escapes of oil and water

Compliance with and application of building regulations

Fire safety engineering

Fire compartmentation defects

Forensic fire investigation including origin, cause and fire spread analysis

Building design

Means of escape

External wall materials and systems

Vapour explosions


James Gall was the Lead Fire Authority Prosecutions Officer with West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority. As a technical lead and witness he oversaw the accurate investigation, preparation, completion of cases and court proceedings relating to offences committed under Fire and Health and Safety Legislation where significant fines and custodial sentences have been awarded through the Magistrates and Crown Court systems. These involved cases against Individuals, Body Corporates (Public/Private Limited Companies) and Directors of Body Corporates.

James has acted as an expert witness and has provided independent technical advice and opinion on risk mitigation and dispute resolution matters under civil litigation proceedings. He is often called upon to provide independent advice and opinion when experts cannot agree during litigation matters.


Damian Mullarkey has worked for the past 7 years as a Forensic Investigator. Having conducted investigations into fire and explosion incidents as well as escapes of water and oil, Damian has identified causes which have been attributable to defective or recalled products and/or incorrect installation and poor workmanship, which often require the appointment of legal counsel.

Damian has regularly worked alongside legal counsel, providing technical advice and opinion to seek a resolution to these cases. Where litigation is required to resolve these matters, Damian has been asked to act as an expert witness, providing an independent and impartial opinion to legal counsel. Damian has completed his expert witness training programme in both courtroom and cross examination skills.


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