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Expert Witness and Technical Opinion

Within our practice we have substantial experience with criminal prosecutions under fire safety legislation and civil litigation matters throughout many sectors of industry including commercial, industrial, residential, healthcare and education.

Expert Witness and Technical Opinion

With a meticulous approach to forensic analysis, our expert witnesses meticulously scrutinise evidence, employing state-of-the-art methodologies to unravel intricate details surrounding fire incidents. Their proficiency extends to a nuanced understanding of fire dynamics, materials science, and building codes, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of the circumstances at hand. 

As professionals in their respective fields, our experts deliver unwavering technical opinions that withstand the rigors of legal scrutiny. Whether elucidating the origin and cause of a fire or offering insights into fire safety protocol adherence, their assessment serves as an indispensable guide for legal professionals, offering a clear and authoritative perspective that contributes significantly to the pursuit of justice. 

In the realm of fire safety litigation, trust our expert witnesses to provide an unassailable technical foundation, bridging the gap between complex technicalities and the demands of the legal system. Their proficiency, combined with an unwavering commitment to accuracy, establishes them as indispensable assets in navigating the intricate landscape of forensic investigations and fire safety analyses.

Expert Witness and Technical Opinion

Our areas of expertise include: 

  • Compliance with and application of fire safety legislation 
  • Compliance with and application of building regulations 
  • Building design 
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Fire safety engineering 
  • Means of escape 
  • Fire protection systems including passive and active systems 
  • Defects in compartmentation 
  • External wall materials and systems 
  • Fire safety management 
  • Forensic fire investigation including origin and cause and fire spread analysis 
  • Vapour explosions 
  • Oil and water forensic investigation

Advice on Liability, Defence & Mitigating Litigation Risk Under Fire Safety Legislation

The average fine under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 since the Grenfell Tower fire is £27,519, which is more than a third higher than the average fine before the tragedy source: 

This shows that courts are taking fire safety offences very seriously. In the unfortunate event that an organisation faces legal proceedings being taken against them (potential prosecution by an enforcing authority such as a Fire and Rescue Service) we can advise on liability, support legal teams with defence and assist with mitigating the impact of legal action. Our team has vast experience with the process of fire safety prosecution as regulators and as technical expert consultants. We are well placed to advise on complex prosecution matters.

Healthcare Authorising Fire Engineer

Firecode HTM 05-01 recommends that healthcare organisations commission the services of an independent fire engineer to act as the Authorising Engineer (Fire) for the organisation. The Authorising Engineer (Fire) acts as an assessor, makes recommendations for appointing Authorised Persons responsible for fire safety, monitors the performance of fire safety management and provides an annual audit to board level directors responsible for fire safety. 

Firecode expects the Authorising Engineer (Fire) to be a Chartered Engineer and Member of the Institution of Fire Engineers (or a chartered member of a similar professional body). Our Chartered Engineers are registered with the Engineering Council and Engineers Ireland and have significant healthcare fire safety experience advising hospital trusts on Building Regulations, Fire Safety Engineering and legislative fire safety. As well as having substantial experience carrying out fire risk analysis, our team has extensive experience working at a strategic level advising on fire risk management strategies and producing strategic plans to safely deal with fire protection deficiencies, whilst balancing the operational requirements of hospitals.

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