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Damian Mullarkey

Fire Safety Engineer

UK and Ireland

Over the past 17 years Damian has developed an extensive and diverse knowledge base across a range of engineering disciplines. His knowledge gained from working in the civil/construction, fire safety and fire engineering, structural, flooding and forensic investigation sectors is an invaluable asset when understanding and meeting the requirements and needs of our clients.

Damian has worked as a Forensic Investigator since 2014, conducting in depth investigations into the origin and cause of fire and explosion as well as escapes of water and oil incidents in residential, commercial and industrial properties for Insurers, Loss Adjusters, Solicitors and private individuals/companies. As part of his role, Damian has offered technical opinion on compliance with local Building Regulations and fire spread/compartmentation issues when required. With his diverse qualification and knowledge base, Damian has also investigated escapes of water and oil in both domestic and commercial water/oil plumbing installations. Using his specialised knowledge and experience, Damian has been instructed to act as an expert witness, providing an independent and impartial opinion to legal counsel.

In his role as a Fire Safety Engineer, Damian has worked to deliver fire safety solution and strategies, conduct Fire Risk Assessments and develop fire engineered solutions for a host of projects in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Damian has developed an extensive knowledge in assessing existing buildings and conducting fire safety and compliance audits so as to advise property owners, property management companies and other property stakeholders on compliance with relevant fire safety legislation in the Republic of Ireland. Damian has successfully obtained fire safety certificates for a range of properties in the Republic of Ireland as required by the Building Control Regulations 1997 to 2021. Damian has also provided fire safety advice and developed bespoke fire strategies for a host of residential, commercial and public buildings, utilising knowledge gained over the course of circa 300 fire and explosion investigations, to ensure clients are compliant with the requirements of the Building Control Act, Building Regulations, Fire Services Act and Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 in both Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Damian has previously worked in the planning, design and construction sector before returning to University in the UK to gain further engineering qualifications. He graduated with first class honours from Edinburgh Napier University and was offered a role with Aberdeen City Council, working as part of their structures, flooding and coastal engineering team. In his role as engineer, Damian was responsible for leading a team of professional and technical staff working on flood investigation, flood risk management, flood prevention and structural engineering projects. His role also involved detailed investigations into flooding incidents as well as structural investigations of the council’s stock of bridges, retaining walls and culverts.

Damian obtained his Masters in Fire and Explosion Engineering at the University of Leeds where he graduated with distinction. During his final year, Damian undertook a detailed investigation into electrical causes of fire, specifically focused on fires caused by tracking faults in modern electrical installations.