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Quick Guide To Checking Whether Your Smoke Shaft System Operates In This Manner

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  1. Actuate a lobby or corridor detector;
  2. Check that the shaft AOV opens only on that floor and the damper at the top of the shaft (likewise the base of the shaft if provided);
  3. Without resetting the system proceed to another floor and repeat the test, nothing should happen i.e. no other AOV should open;
  4. Repeat as you feel necessary, to ensure have a good sample;
  5. Without resetting the system, find a manual override switch for another floor AOV (associated with the same shaft) and activate it, again nothing should happen;
  6. Have the system reset, any AOVs that opened should now close;
  7. Finally check all AOVs are close fitting and if they are fire door type, check the adequacy of the intumescent strips and smoke seals.